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Thank you
for your Support


November 2021

We DID IT AGAIN! Thank you for letting me represent another term. 


All efforts were appreciated! 

Willimantic is a spirited, vibrant, hardworking community.

It deserves a Council that believes in the idea of responsibility that will allow for advocacy and inclusivity.

It deserves a Council that practices transparency in its daily management, and long range planning of its future and information-sharing to help the public stay informed

It deserves a Council that takes appropriate action and is responsive to the community; that leads with legislation that is reflective of the values put forth for a healthy, happy, resourceful city.

I believe having a Working Families Party seat on this Council has made a difference for the better. Being thoughtful and presenting a perspective that reflects the Working Family Party platform has brought many important topics to the table and I look forward to working on them for the next two years.


Check out the examples listed under the "Action" tab! 


We are establishing a WFP Town Committee and we seek those interested in the platform to be a part of this new action.


If you have a question, suggestion or just want to say hello, drop me a line via email. Subscribe below. Check out the "Action" tab for productive things to do with us!  


Again, thank you!

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