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This is who I am


I am Rose Reyes, and I thank you again for voting for me to take a minority seat on the Windham Town Council to represent Willimantic. This was a hard term, personally, as you can read about it on the main page. 

 I want to continue to serve and to support projects that reflect our community's interests and to address the growing needs of our exciting, beautiful small city.  

Some Background:

I moved to the Windham area in 1992. Born to parents from Naranjito and Naguabo, Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, I graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Human Services and the University of Connecticut with a Master in Bilingual Instruction and Curriculum. I graduated from Windham's first Parent Leadership Training Institute and helped co found the Windham Parent Network. I'm a member of the UCONN Chapter of Pi Lambda Theta (Professional Honor Society for Educators). I am an Executive Committee member of Windham Federation of Teachers, Local 1577 as well as a building steward. I've served on the Willimantic Housing Authority and as a working member of the Willimantic Food Co-op. I am  currently a Commissioner of the Windham's Planning and Zoning Commission and a member of the NAACP Windham/Willimantic branch and served as a Delegate at the National Convention held in the summer 2021. I've participated in two teacher institutes of - El  proyecto Corder -Belpré - based in Puerto Rico and has presented in the Multi State Association of Bilingual Education in the Spring of 2021. I've been invited speak at a TEDX Youth event down state. I've celebrated twenty years in Windham's Bilingual Education program as a grade two instructor and  now as a Bi literacy Specialist serving students in grade k through five in one of Windham's public schools.

My daughter, Ava Rose and her dog, Coco, and I love to entertain and feed our guests. We love Windham's waterways.

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