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This is how you can help me Continue the Good Work


Immediate Action Opportunities with Rose!

1) Campaign re-election plans: volunteers needed for phone banking, canvassing, fundraising!

2) Check out the Town's Boards and Commissions vacancies and consider an application.

We are looking to fortify the Music, arts and Culture Commission, the Ethics Commission,  the Library Board,

3) Write to me:


Because of YOU I  was able to:  

-Advocate for better communication between Commissions and the Council to work in conjunction towards a vision of the city;

-Advocate for our district at the AFT Legislative Conference;

-Register another two hundred voters with  ¡Boricua Vota! and Windham-Willimantic NAACP;

-Protect the Project Labor Agreement in our high school renovation plans in anticipation of larger development projects so that Windham residents have the chance to train and work in the building trades;

-Protect the creation of a Civilian Review Board study committee to create the appropriate CRB model for our city;

-Support Public Works Department needs and advocating for a decent budget to address quality of life issues;

-Support the implementation of  the Plan of Conservation and Development as a Council member and a Commissioner of Planning and Zoning; 

-Advocate for Town Charter changes that included residents' rights to vote on local issues regardless of document status;

-Support resolutions regarding medicare4all; health care crisis as a form of racism; the reinstatement of Windham Hospital's maternity ward;

-Support efforts to promote and improve Willimantic and Windham's ecosystems for preservation and enjoyment.

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Share your thoughts and ideas

about our town

We'd love to hear from you!

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